Growth Hacking… How About No

Growth hacks are dumb. Or at least that’s what I think. I’ve gone through countless iterations of what can be referred to as a “growth hack” in my freelance career and the only thing they brought is stress, unbearable workload and, in some cases, failure. A tech company can probably pull it off, but individuals aren’t companies.

And it’s not even that I didn’t gain from them because I wouldn’t be a content marketer today if it wasn’t for a growth hack that I applied on freelance platform Fiverr. But how beneficial can it be to recklessly grow regardless of outcome? If I wanted to get into IT tomorrow, should I advertise myself as a proficient SysAdmin on Upwork?

Heck no.

I truly believe in content marketing and the mission of providing valuable information to global audiences, but I also recognize that broad concept and implementation are two vastly different things. You cannot “hack” your way into proficient content marketing; you have to put in the hours. And that’s what I’m doing lately.

The internet gives us the opportunity to learn new concepts at unprecedented speed, and that’s absolutely amazing, but speed of learning does not equal quality of work. You will learn, you’ll try to apply, and then you’ll 100% fail. That goes for any industry, any profession; if you don’t put in the hours, you’ll fail at the job you’ve been asked to do.

Growth hacking? No thanks.