How Long Does It Take For Beef Jerky To Expire?

A recently published 1600-word blog post that uses various elements to ensure good ranking and engagement metrics. The page is enhanced with FAQ schema markup. Tables, bullet points, YouTube videos, numbered lists, and headings are used throughout the post to divide things into easy-to-digest pieces. Readability as well as ranking factors are both key (new blog).

Read the post at Liberty Cattle Company.

10/15/2019 01:45 PM UPDATE

The blog post is now ranking on page one of Google for both desktop and mobile on the targeted “does beef jerky expire” keyword in less than four hours. Schema markup does not show up but AMP page is rendering correctly on mobile version. I’ll update this project with analytics data once I start receiving the first hits. I estimate a 2-3% CTR on impressions for this keyword.