Detailed Mind Map Showcasing The Flywheel Model

Inbound marketing is a cycle represented by a flywheel. HubSpot is the pioneer of this methodology, and their visualization is represented by a simple circle that includes three parts: attract, engage, and delight. A while back, even before getting acquainted with the flywheel model, I had conceptualized a similar cycle, albeit slightly more complex.

hubspot's flywheel model for inbound marketing

My version of the “flywheel” was represented as more of a cycle. While HubSpot’s flywheel is a good way to show a simplified version of all that needs to be done, the mind map I had come up with still stands as a good example. I am aware of the fact that there are a few things missing (i.e. persona development), but this is a good starting point to then update the cycle again.

full res version of inbound marketing mind map
This is a high-quality image. Feel free to save it for later use.

This idea is something that I will keep working on in the future. I think it represents what a brand website can do best. I also think that it would be simple for marketers to understand what’s going on thanks to the various sections that divide brand awareness, engagement, and lead generation (the separations are a bit clumsy at the moment, but relevant).